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Cow milk is a rich source of many minerals, especially calcium. Since calcium is the source of health for many important parts of our body including the bones and dental health, consumption of cow milk can foster your bones and teeth. Also, the cow milk brims with Vitamin D, Vitamin K, magnesium, Vitamin C and strontium essential for stronger bones. By fostering the bone health, another benefit of cow milk is that it helps prevent osteoporosis as it has the right combination of potassium and sodium giving your bones a healthy makeover.

Strengthens your heart:

The latest cause of concern among many of us is the increased stress levels which in turn increases our blood pressure and naturally affects the health of our heart. It has been found that the potassium levels in cow milk ensure a reduction in blood pressure which further reduces the chances of a cardiovascular disease. Also, unlike the buffalo milk, the cow milk has lower fat content and is good for consumption.

Say no to cancer with milk:

A very interesting find in the medical research is that people living in darker locations with lesser sunlight have chances of being subjected to colorectal cancer. The research reveals that this is due to the loss of vitamin D, which helps with cell growth and immunity. It is suggested that intake of calcium and vitamin D, can help you fight this possibility. Cow milk has abundance of both and is a nutritious choice too. Also calcium rich diet and dairy products are found to help prevent the possibility of ovarian cancer, another benefit of cow milk to note down.

Feel relaxed with cow milk:

Medical researchers associate depression with the deficiency in the Vitamin D levels in our body. Vitamin D helps in secretion of serotonin, a hormone which helps to keep our appetite and mood healthy. Cow milk with high Vitamin D quotient is the apt diet to keep yourself out of anxiety.

Building muscles:

There is a reason why cow milk is considered as the best for infants as it is a rich source of protein that helps with muscle growth. You need healthy muscle growth to have an effective metabolism and to have the right weight. It is found that the dairy products have proteins that help both in muscle building and repair.

Improves memory:

Another important element found in cow milk is the choline, a nutrient that supports sleep, motor skills, learning ability and of course memory. The Choline is required to have a healthy structure of the cells which ensures better transmission of messages between nerves and reduces the possibility of chronic inflammation.

Apart from the above there are many more benefits of cow milk as it is enriched with multiple vitamins, minerals and proteins required for our body.

For Booking Contact : - +91 84 477 368 65

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